Tadawulaty is a new suite of services offered by Al Karmal Stock Exchange in cooperation with Manaf soft co. It encompasses a bundle of new financial services targeted at the different segments of investors. You can login from this website TADAWOLATY

Services offered aim at benefiting the entire investment community within the capital market, by bringing value to the different market participants. This can be clearly accomplished through:

Increasing the level of confidence and transparency on the investors’ ownership and rights.

Empowering investors by enabling them to conveniently exercise their voting rights, inquire on their dividend entitlements and free shares, receive alerts and notifications on certain important events, etc.

Bridging the gap between listed companies and their shareholders and enhancing the communication and information exchange amongst them.

Providing a convenient and direct reporting mechanism from the ultimate source of information (Securities Depository Center and Iraq stock exchange ) to the different market participants.

Offering an ongoing process 24/7 for validating and updating information maintained.

And be noticed this service cost you $100 for one year subscription and free for the new clients for one year. You can use this link below to login to your account:


It is our belief that these objectives would ultimately help to develop the capital market, by contributing in promoting transparency and efficiency principles within the market.